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New Brewer Packet

Welcome to the industry!

As a new brewer, we know you face a lot of decisions. From equipment to ingredients, brewing schedules and more, the task of establishing a new brewery can be daunting. At Hopunion, we want to help you navigate the world of hops with ease. Our staff is dedicated to promoting the success of each our customers, including new and potential breweries.

Enclosed in our new brewer packet, you will find a variety of valuable documents outlining our company and hop selection, in addition to several brochures regarding our most valuable tools and services. Information from other suppliers such as Briess Malt & Ingredients Company will also be available.

To request a packet, simply fill out the information fields below 

To access information immediately, visit our hop varieties page, take a spin on the hop aroma wheel, click on our hop contracting button, or contact your regional sales manager to start the discussion right away.

We look forward to working with you and again, welcome to the industry!


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