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Hopunion to Produce Zythos in 2012

2/15/2012 | By Hopunion LLC

For Immediate Release


Yakima, WA, February 15, 2012 – Back by popular demand, Hopunion LLC is proud to announce Zythos™ will be produced, and available for contracting for the 2012 crop and beyond.

With creative brewing styles and demand for our most popular proprietary varieties continuing to grow at unprecedented rates, it is increasingly important for Hopunion to provide valuable brewing solutions that meet the craft brewer’s immediate needs.  As a result, Hopunion is continually working with growers to increase production, in addition to supplying customized IPA and Pale Ale style pellet blends.

Due to the popularity and fixed availability of pellet blends, we have received numerous inquiries about the future supply of Zythos. Hopunion is pleased to announce that the success of Zythos’ inaugural run has resulted in a decision to continue production and contracting for 2012. Zythos will maintain the strict quality standards and aroma characteristics established in 2011.

Zythos is a customized IPA/Pale Ale style pellet blend designed to embody the powerful tradition and unique aroma characteristics required in premium craft brews. While the unique flavors and aromas of our proprietary varieties cannot be duplicated or replaced, we at Hopunion, along with our growers, recognize the need to supply more of the distinct varieties and exceptional aroma characteristics craft brewers have become accustomed to. Zythos is not a replacement for proprietary varieties, but rather a premium pellet blend designed to compliment existing IPA/Pale Ale lineups.  Zythos can be used as a single hop addition or as a compliment to current inventories, imparting distinct tropical (pineapple) and citrus tones with slight pine characteristics.

Contracting options, pellet samples, and 2011 shipments are available now.  If interested, please contact our knowledgeable sales staff, or your regional sales manager, for more information.

Hopunion appreciates the support of the craft industry as we proactively work to bring you more of the premium quality hops you require in your unique, artisan brews.