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Hopunion Earns Kosher Certification

1/7/2013 | By Hopunion LLC

In keeping with a tradition of innovation and excellence, Hopunion is proud to become 100% kosher certified. We recognize that beer drinkers and brewers come from all walks of life, and providing hops to those who maintain kosher diets is important to us.

A kosher diet is one that follows the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut. Most of the tenets of Kashrut pertain to the preparation of meat and dairy. Hops, as a plant, are inherently kosher. However, some Kashrut laws do apply directly to plants, specifically, that vegetables cannot contain even trace amounts of insects, and that utensils or machinery used to prepare vegetables for consumption must not be cross contaminated with tools used to prepare meat or dairy.

Kosher diets are adhered to by those of the Jewish faith, but increasingly, health conscious consumers, vegans, and those with food allergies have been turning to kosher products for their individual dietary requirements. We are excited to branch out to these consumers and provide them with the kosher hops they need.

Hopunion is now kosher certified through OK Kosher Certification, an innovative leader in the kosher certification industry that is universally accepted by all kosher authorities. Their strict standards and rigors are meticulously enforced at every stage of our hop production process, from the field to the pellet plant.

Hopunion is renowned for the quality of our hops, and we are delighted to be one of the first in the industry to supply premium hops to the ever expanding kosher marketplace. Next time you drink a brew, raise your glass and say L’chaim!