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Hop Contracting

Planning For Your Future Needs

Hop Contracting

It wasn’t too long ago that hop contracting was done only by the big macro breweries; but with the explosive growth in recent years within the craft segment, over 92% of the nation’s 2,300 craft breweries now contract into the future for their expected hop needs.

What’s the Purpose?

Hop contracting serves two crucially related purposes. The first is to guarantee breweries a source of supply to the hop varieties they require. With the combination of double-digit volume growth, increased hopping rates and a surge in the number of new craft breweries coming on line, there has never been a higher demand for many of the highly desired aroma hops.

Second, when breweries contract into the future, it gives our growers the visibility they need to plant the right quantities of the right varieties. As a result of this coordination, craft breweries of any size can achieve availability and significant cost savings when they contract into the future for hops.


Hopunion will contract from 1 to 5 years into the future. Brewers are strongly recommended to contract for all essential hop needs, as far out as can be accurately forecasted. Increasing discounts are offered based on volume and for contracts of 2 to 5 years.

Cost of Production

As the only grower-owned hop provider, Hopunion is dedicated to providing sustainable pricing to both brewers and growers. As a result, a modest increase is assessed to the base price of each contract, each year.

Contracting Options

There are a variety of contract options based on the specific needs of your brewery. Our Regional Sales Managers will gladly take the time to discuss your situation and recommend an option to best suit your needs. To learn more about your regional sales team, click here .