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Hop Contracting

Planning For Your Future Needs

Hop Contracting

It wasn’t too long ago that hop contracting was done only by the big macro breweries; but with the explosive growth in recent years within the craft segment, over 95% of the nation’s 2,800+ craft breweries now contract into the future for their expected hop needs.

What’s the Purpose?

Hop contracting serves two crucially related purposes. The first is to guarantee breweries a source of supply to the hop varieties they require. With the combination of double-digit volume growth, increased hopping rates and a surge in the number of new craft breweries coming on-line, there has never been a higher demand for hops.

Second, when breweries contract into the future, it gives our grower-owners the visibility they need to plant both variety and quantity based on future demand. This removes the need for speculation, creates and much more sustainable model for our growers, and allows breweries of any size to achieve significant cost savings.

Establishing a Hop Contract

Hop contracts are available to current customers of Yakima Chief - Hopunion LLC. If you aren't already a customer, please download and complete a copy of our New Account Request Form and Credit Card Authorization Form. Once complete, these forms can be submitted to your Regional Customer Service Specialist or

For new and existing customers, all quote requests must be made via a Quote Request Form. Please download and complete your request before sending to your Regional Sales Manager.

Minimum Quantities

Contracts must exceed $5,000 in total value per year. While this may seem like a lot to a new operation, the good news is that it can be spread across multiple varieties and package sizes.


We are currently contracting through 2020. Brewers are strongly encouraged to contract all essential hop needs for at least three years. If you don't know where to start, we recommend a baseline of 1 lb per barrel.


Payment occurs with each order; there are no deposits or upfront fees. New customers are required to maintain credit card terms for a minimum of 12 months, but can easily apply for net terms after the first year.


All contracted hops must be shipped from Yakima Chief - Hopunion LLC's facilities by August 30th of the following year. After that, any hops remaining in inventory will be charged a storage and finance fee. We can't stress enough, only contract for what you know you will need. Our grower-owners are committed to supply and work very hard to meet your demand so there is no need to over contract. The deadline for 2015 hop contract modifications is June 30, 2015.


If you find yourself in a situation where you need to edit your hop contract, please contact your Regional Sales Manager. We are happy to help figure out a plan that meets your needs and restructure your contract accordingly.

Placing a Contracted Order

Orders can be placed against your contracted inventory at any time, simply contact your Regional Customer Service Specialist and let them know what you need. You can expect your order to be processed with 72 business hours, for arrival within 10 days. Please keep in mind, our shipping facilities are located in Yakima, WA so cross country deliveries can take 5-6 days (excluding weekends and holidays).