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Author: Jamie Floyd, Owner/Founder, Ninkasi Brewing Company

Baltic Porter Home Brew Recipe

74% Briess Pilsner Malt
15 % Briess Bonlander Munich
5% Baird Chocolate
4 % Weyermann De-husked Carafe 3
2 % Baird Roasted Barley

40 IBUs

1st Addition at Boil 90 minutes left

Chinook - 20 IBUs

2nd Addition 30 minutes left in boil
Galenas - 15 IBUs

3rd Addition at Whirlpool
Falconers Flight® - 5 IBUs

For the mash we added CaCO3 to help adjust pH for dark malts.
Home Brewer should know water chemistry of brewing water and adjust to suit pH needs.

Upward infusion mash regimen:
122 briefly
142 for 10 minutes
152 for rest
Mash out at 168
Recirculate then sparge

Boil 90 minutes

OG 1080

Yeast Wyeast 2000 Budvar Lager Strain

Ferment at 54 degrees