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Crop Update: Spring 2013

5/28/2013 | By Hopunion LLC
Yakima, WA

Weather in the Pacific Northwest has started out a bit cooler than normal this spring. This follows a winter that deposited a slightly above-average snow pack in Washington and slightly below in Oregon, which should provide adequate water throughout the growing season.

In Washington, early May brought a week of high winds which delayed planting and twining in many hop fields. More recently, Washington experienced a full week of 90 degree weather which has helped hop production get on track. The mature hops are showing standard growth for this time of year and training is well under way for all hops.

Like Washington, Oregon enjoyed above average temperatures throughout the second week of May. There are low concerns for mildew and growth should be right on-track given that the soil temperatures are warm enough.

It is important to note, that within some particular US aroma varieties there have been aggressive expansions over the past year, including 200% increases for Citra® HBC 394 cv. and Mosaic™ HBC 369 cv. There has also been 50% expansion in Simcoe® YCR 14 cv. The majority of the planting and twining for these expansions is complete.

In Europe, the UK has been experiencing some cold weather due to winds during March and into the beginning of April.

Stringing is complete and there is training occurring within Germany. Germany experienced some cold spells in March and April, however, temperatures are now within normal and plants appear to be 1 to 2 weeks behind normal growth.

The southern hemisphere has just wrapped up their harvest of the 2013 crop. New Zealand experienced decreased yields as a result of a drought and early onset of maturity of the hops. This made picking the hops during harvest difficult. Australia had some hot weather but with the assistance of irrigation, yields were good with a slight increase overall from the 2012 crop.

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