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Laboratory Research Technician

Classification: Non-exempt, Hourly
Reports To: QC Lab Supervisor

This position, under the direction of the Quality Control Lab Supervisor, purpose is to analyze the samples presented in the lab by the company or customers.

Job Qualifications:

  • BA/BS in Chemistry, Biology, or related field required.
  • Excellent mathematical, communication and computer skills, be strongly detail oriented and be able to easily multi-task.
  • Should be able to independently initiate, prioritize, and perform or solve work problems and ultimately achieve work objectives and meet deadlines.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in written and verbal form with co-workers, supervisor  and management.
  • Must be proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook etc.).
  • Must be able to work independently and as a team member.
  • Follow written (Standard Operating Procedures -SOP’s, company memos & emails) and verbal Instructions.
  • Minimum of one year related experience with demonstrated aptitude to learn on-the-job.
  • Familiarity with plant and lab equipment operation and SOPs.
  • Possess a strong work ethic to positively contribute to the company’s mission, vision, values and environmental policy and quality policy.
  • Must have a positive attitude, support co-workers to obtain desired objectives, and assist others in their contributions.
  • Ability to adapt to changing paces and processes quickly.
  • Must be able to learn ERP systems to perform data entry & print reports.
  • Ability to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (in required areas) for extended periods of time.
  • Handle hazardous chemicals safely according to their MSDS’s and SOP’s.
  • Attentive to the task and own surroundings.

Job Duties:

  • Analyze incoming samples as per protocol and SOPs.
    • Sample preparation of leaf hops, pellets, extract and advanced products
    • Analysis of samples by UV, HPLC, titration
    • Steam distillation to determine oil content
    • Moisture analysis
    • Gas Chromatography analysis of hop oils.
    • Sample preparation and analysis on finished beers
  •  Operate the following equipment:
    • Gas Chromatograph with FID – Agilent Technologies
    • GC/Mass Spec with TDU – Agilent Technologies/Gerstel
    • HPLC - Agilent Technologies
    • UV Spectrometer – Shimadzu
    • Titrator – Mettler Toledo
    • Digital Density Meter – Anton Paar
  • Lead laboratory research projects.
    • Assist Manager with research design and protocols
    • Write SOP’s as required
    • Analyze samples and data
    • Prepare reports of data to present at industry meetings
    • Work with Technical Manager on research projects
    • Remain up-to-date with current and future technology that applies to the lab, hops and beer.
  • Laboratory team member
    • Assist in maintaining cleanliness and appearance of lab
    • Enter data in Excel, ERP and other software and communicate results.
    • Communicate both verbally and in writing effectively with customers and other YCH teams to share results and present ideas
    • Assist in maintaining all analysis equipment to ensure accuracy and dependability
    • Assist in the investigation and resolution of quality issues.
  • Perform other duties within the company as required.
  • Continuously look for ways to improve process efficiency and notify immediate supervisor of observations and recommendations.
  • Follow safety requirements.
  • Must have a complete understand of company’s policies, SOPs, QPs, EPs, HACCP and cGMP to ensure quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.
  • Adhere to company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  • Follow all instructions from the Manager, shift supervisor and/or assistant supervisor.
  • Examine documents, materials, and products and monitor work processes to assess completeness, accuracy and conformance to standards and specifications.

Production/Operations Manager

Classification: Exempt/Salary
Sunnyside, WA
Reports To: Senior Vice President of Operations

This position, under the direction of the Senior Vice President of Operations’, purpose is to assist the Pellet Plant Manager with the day-to-day Pellet Plant operations to optimize quality, processing efficiency, throughput and expense control while maintaining safety and environmental stewardship.

Job Qualifications:

  • Minimum two year college degree or trade certificate, required.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Must be able to work independently and as a team.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate in written and verbal form with co-workers, supervisor and  management.
  • Excellent written communications skills.  Ability to develop written Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), company memos & emails.
  • Familiarity with plant equipment operation and SOPs, preferred.
  • Posses a strong work ethic to positively contribute to the company’s mission, vision and values along with our environmental and quality policy.
  • Must have a positive attitude, support team to obtain desired objectives, and assist others in their contributions.
  • Ability to sit/stand/walk for extended periods of time and access stairs and ladders.
  • Ability to bend, stoop, squat occasionally to frequently.
  • Wear appropriate personal protective equipment (in required areas) for extended periods of time.
  • Be able to lift (up to 50 lbs), carry (up to 44 lbs) occasionally to frequently within normal limits.
  • Handle hazardous chemicals safely according to their MSDS’s and SOP’s.
  • Must be able to learn Enterprise Resource Planning (x3) to perform data entry & print reports.
  • Assist with staffing as needed.
  • Bi-lingual (English-Spanish), preferred.
  • Maintenance/operations management experience in a food processing or beverage production environment, preferred.

Job Duties:

  • Oversee Plant operations to optimize quality and control expense.
  • Troubleshoot mechanical and packaging equipment.
  • Evaluate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to determine if there is a need for revisions. Update and write SOPs as needed.
  • Increase production while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Ability to respond to the majority situations with limited guidance and formulate alternative courses of action on more complex information with additional guidance from Senior Vice President of Operations.
  • Define plant goals and objectives.
  • Identify plant changes to meet customer requirements.
  • Identify resource requirements.
  • Ensure labor and capital dollar resources are identified for plant needs.
  • Track expenses and report to management.
  • Manage program to ensure deliverables are produced, and partner to obtain sign-offs.
  • Work with partners to clarify roles and responsibilities so program is well executed.
  • Review and evaluate program documentation deliverables for completeness and accuracy.
  • Conduct post implementation review and communicate results to facilitate learning.
  • Oversee Preventive Maintenance Records.
  • Train/coach/mentor operators to use equipment and develop SOPs.
  • Participate in Safety Committee Meetings as requested.
  • Participate in ISO 9001 and 140001 Internal Audits, Continuous Improvement, Corrective Action and Accident Investigation.
  • Work in conjunction with Lean principles in the Pellet Plant.
  • Assure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  • Follow safety requirements.
  • Must adhere to all company policies.
  • Notify immediate supervisor if you identify or recommend ways to improve process efficiency.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by Manager and/or his designee.

Vice President of Information Technology

The Vice President of Information Technology will provide technology vision and leadership in the development and implementation of the affiliate-wide information technology (IT) program.  The VP of IT will lead the systems team in planning and implementing enterprise information systems to support both distributed and centralized sales and business operations and achieve more effective and cost beneficial enterprise-wide IT operations.  Additionally,

  • Provides strategic and tactical planning, development, evaluation, and coordination of the information and technology systems both domestically and internationally.
  • Facilitates communication between the Executive Team, Executive Committee, management, staff vendors, and other technology resources within the organization.
  • Oversees the back office computer operations of the affiliate management information system, including local area networks and wide-area networks. 
  • Responsible for the management of multiple information and communications systems and projects, including voice, data, imaging, and office automation. 
  • Designs, implements, and evaluates the systems that support end users in the productive use of computer hardware and software.
  • Develops and implements user-training programs.
  • Oversees and evaluates system security and back up procedures. Supervises the Information Systems Director and Systems Manager.


Minimum of 3 years of experience with increasing responsibilities for management and support of information systems and information technology, direct management of a major IT operation is preferred.  Significant experience in an agricultural setting is desirable, specifically in technology and information systems planning to support sales and business goals.  Experience should also include exposure to both shared and outsourced solutions, as well as support of in-house information and communication systems in a multi-site client-server environment.  Specific experience with practice management, financial management and international management information systems is a plus.  The ideal candidate will also have:

  • Familiarity with desktop, notebook, handheld, and server computer hardware.
  • Familiarity with local and wide area network design, implementation, and operation.
  • Familiarity with operating systems such as Windows, Unix, and Linux.
  • Knowledge of various office productivity software programs such as word processing, databases, spreadsheet programs, and communications software.
  • Familiarity with various computer peripherals such as printers, monitors, modems and other equipment.
  • General knowledge of business processes and their interrelationship gained through three or more years of related experience.
  • Ability to analyze and resolve complex issues, both logical and interpersonal.
  • Effective verbal and written communications skills and effective presentation skills, all geared toward coordination and education.
  • Ability to negotiate and defuse conflict.
  • Self-motivator, independent, cooperative, flexible, creative.
  • Current passport, driver’s license and access to reliable transportation; ability and willingness to travel when necessary. 
  • Requires a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or a related field or equivalent experience.  A Master’s degree in Business Administration or related field is highly desirable.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of:
  • Business principles and techniques of administration, organization, and management to include an in-depth understanding of the key business issues that exist in the agricultural industry. These include, but are not limited to, knowledge of strategic and operational planning, business economics, personnel administration, federal, state and local laws, marketing, financial and cost analysis, trends in the agricultural industry.
  • Data processing methods and procedures, and computer software systems
  • Systems design and development process, including requirements analysis, feasibility studies, software design, programming, pilot testing, installation, evaluation and operational management
  • Business process analysis and redesign
  • Design, management, and operation of managed IT systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning installation and management.
Proven skills in:
  • Negotiating with vendors, contractors, and others
  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Planning and organizing
  • Management and leadership
  • Communication
Demonstrated ability to:
  • Relate to all levels of the user community
  • Be a team player that motivates and educates other team members
  • Plan, implement and support systems in an agricultural environment
  • Set and manage priorities
  • Comprehend complex, technical subjects
  • Translate technical language to lay audiences
  • Link and apply complex technologies to business strategies


  • Manage the implementation of new affiliate-wide information systems, as needed. 


  • Approves, coordinates and controls all projects related to selection, acquisition, development and installation of major information systems for the affiliate. Provides advice on evaluation, selection, implementation and maintenance of information systems, ensuring appropriate investment in strategic and operational systems. Evaluates systems to measure their success.
  • Reviews all hardware and software acquisition and maintenance contracts, soliciting involvement and participation of other management team members as appropriate.
  • Develops and maintains corporate policies and standards aimed at maximizing effectiveness and minimizing costs related to the acquisition, implementation and operation of IT systems.
  • Develops, when possible, master purchase or lease agreements for hardware, software, maintenance and telecommunication services.
  • Develops and monitors the approved annual operating and capital budgets for information and technology systems.
  • Maintains contact with IT suppliers and maintains knowledge of current technology, equipment, prices and terms of agreements to minimize the investment required to meet established service levels. Evaluates alternatives, performs appropriate cost benefit analysis, and recommends solutions that maximize effectiveness and minimize costs commensurate with acceptable risks.
  • Manages relationships with vendors for sales, service and support of all information systems and technology. Maintains problem logs, documenting system errors or defects. Serves as the primary contact to software, hardware and network-related vendors, consultants, and partners.

Planning/Policy Development

  • Responsible for the technology vision and planning process that will regularly evaluate existing technology, information systems, and staffing, research new solutions and technologies and recommend changes.
  • Responsible for planning, development, evaluation, coordination and management of the information and technology systems for the affiliate. This includes telephones, data imaging, practice management systems, and office automation.
  • Develops and enforces policy and procedures to ensure the protection of the affiliate’s IT assets and the integrity, security and privacy if information entrusted to or maintained by the affiliate.
  • Oversees the linkage between external technology systems (e.g. vendors, suppliers, growers and other similar organizations) and the affiliate’s IT resources; including systems for electronic data exchange.
  • Recommend changes to software applications based on analysis of their impact to all users requirements.
  • Gather and analyze changing requirements of users and develop effective and feasible ways to satisfy user requirements.

Systems Administration/Reporting

  • Promotes and oversees relationships between the ERP network’s IT resources and external entities (e.g., growers, customers, vendors).
  • Ensures that all information systems and networks operate according to internal standards, external accrediting agency standards, regulatory agencies and legal requirements, including confidentiality.
  • Develops and maintains the systems architecture, defining standards and protocols for data exchange, communications, software and interconnection of ERP network information systems.
  • Coordinates and manages reporting needs and data analysis for the affiliate. Ensures that the gathering, processing, distribution and use of pertinent information required by management to make decisions occur in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner.
  • Manages the system that provides training and support to end users.
  • Ensures that data systems are capable of provision of all pertinent data and statistics as needed. Supports the development of sales, inventory, contract, and product reports as requested.
  • Develop and maintain system recovery plan in the event of power failure, damage to system, etc.
  • Facilitate correction of any system failures, contact point for computer problems.
  • Oversee the development, maintenance, and communication of systems documentation, policies, and procedures.


  • Supervises the development and maintenance of user documentation, including complete user manuals, FAQs and help files.
  • Communicates IS/IT plans, policies and technology trends throughout the organization, including management groups and professional staff.
  • Develop, implement and maintain comprehensive user training program. Provide directly or arrange new user training and advanced training for existing users.
  • Update documentation and on-line help facilities.

Supervision / Staff Coordination

  • Select, train, supervise, evaluate and dismiss, if necessary, the Information Systems Director or Systems Manager.  Assure that the duties and roles assigned to the Information Systems Director and Systems Manager(s) will be performed during vacations, illnesses, and other cases where systems management is not available.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Chief Financial Officer or his/her designee.

Logistics Manager

Yakima Chief-Hopunion seeks to recruit a full-time Logistics Manager. This position is responsible for management and oversight of company logistics including shipping of finished product to customer and company storage facilities globally, receipt of purchased products internationally, and efficient movement of products internally.


  • BS/BA degree preferred (preferably in Logistics Management, Supply Chain Management or Business Management).
  • Past experience in manufacturing environment with responsibility for logistics.
  • Firm understanding of manufacturing and distribution processes. 
  • Knowledge of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement principles and processes, and a passion for continuous improvement preferred.
  • Experience in shipping, both domestic and international, and/or supply chain management.
  • Prior experience negotiating with vendors. 
  • Understanding and following the product life cycle process.
  • Excellent communication skills (strong verbal and written required).
  • Customer service skills.
  • Travel may be required.
  • Leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Interpersonal skills (ability to effectively work with all levels from hourly to management).
  • Time management and multi-tasking skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

Job Duties:

  • Provide management and oversight to all company shipping and transportation logistics.
  • Analyze current shipping and transportation costs for the purpose of achieving optimal efficiency.
  • Ensure that finished products get to customer in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Negotiate with shipping and transportation vendors to get greatest value for the company.
  • Work with Supply Chain Manager and other company personnel to make sure product shipping schedule aligns with production planning.
  • Hire and manage personnel necessary to provide efficient shipping and logistics for the company. 
  • Maintain SOPs, perform routine maintenance to insure system integrity. 
  • Ensure all manufacturing procedures comply with government and ISO standards for food safety and quality.
  • Engage in LEAN and continuous improvement initiatives to improve costs and efficiency throughout our logistics and transportation processes.
  • Manage shipping and logistics for all company locations including Asia, Europe, North America and South America.
  • Assist finance and sales with inventory accounting when necessary.
  • Assure that company safety policies as well as federal, state and local safety and environmental regulations are observed.
  • Must adhere to all company policies.
  • Notify your supervisor if you identify or recommend ways to improve process efficiency.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by supervisor or his/her designee.